Our Successful Claims

Our Successful Claims
A.E. Mazika Insurance

Life Happens Accident and Health Claims

Every now and again, life happens. That's why we have insurance.

We have found the quickest way to settle claims is to have customers report their loss directly to their insurance company. We will be notified immediately and will stand by your side throughout the process advocating on your behalf.

Call Us for Insurance Claim

File A Claim

If you need to file a claim, find your number below:

NamePhone Number
Progressive(800) 274-4499
MetLife(800) 854-6011
Foremost (Auto)(800) 274-7865
Mapfre(800) 222-2114
Hartford(800) 243-5860
Foremost (All Others)(800) 527-3907
SafeCo(800) 332-3226
National General(800) 325-1088
Liberty Mutual(800) 225-2467
Peerless(800) 522-7152
Main Street America(877) 425-2467
American European(800) 541-1728
Stillwater(800) 220-1351
NLC(877) 383-1742
Phily(800) 765-9749
Hanover(800) 628-0250
Travelers(800) 252-4633
R.I. Joint(800) 851-8978

Talk to Our Representative

If you need to speak with your insurance company representatives,
find your number below:

NamePhone Number
Progressive(877) 876-5581
MetLife(800) 255-0332
Foremost (Auto)(888) 888-0080
Mapfre(800) 222-2114
Hartford(877) 896-9320
Foremost (All Others)(800) 532-4221
SafeCo(888) 723-3260
National General(877) 468-3466
Liberty Mutual(888) 398-8924
Peerless(800) 228-7830
Main Street America(800) 611-0958
American European(888) 925-7100
Stillwater(855) 712-4092
NLC(860) 887-3553
Phily(877) 438-7459
Hanover(800) 573-1187
Travelers(800) 842-5075
R.I. Joint(877) 221-1782